Local Rules

Tuesday, 03 September 2023 09:50

Long Ground Time Procedure for S24

Please find updated procedure concerning Long Ground Time Flights, in order to ensure fair allocation of slots for all operations at a particular airport.

Monday, 2 October 2023 18:13

Coordination-Facilitation on the day of Operation

H.S.C.A. has issued an updated procedure concerning Coordination-Facilitation on the day of Operation.


33 K.Papadimitriou str.
Markopoulo, 190 03
PO Box 186
Athens, Greece


+30 210 220 3500


Chairman: chairman@hsca.gr
Accounting: accountant@hsca.gr
Legal Advisor: law@hsca.gr
Slot Fees : slotfees@hsca.gr
Slot Monitoring: monitoring@hsca.gr
Secretary: secretary@hsca.gr

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